Basement Finishing Details You Might Want to Consider

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 10:31 am

I remember when I was a kid I dreamed of owning my own house and renovating the basement to serve as my entertainment room where I can lounge all day without being seen by anyone. During a consultation with basement renovations calgary, this dream found its way back into my head and therefore I’ve decided to take on the challenge of finishing my basement and make it conducive for whatever space want to turn it into.

I know I had the materials and work force to do the renovations, but my knowledge was so basic that I had to do research prior to actually starting the project. Here are some of the factors to consider in doing basement renovations:

  1. Know the local building codes.

You might have a lot of things planned for your future space, but remember that these will not materialize unless you have the right permits to do so. If your basement needs additional heating and lighting works, an inspection should be first done to verify that your current utility system can handle the additional load. It’s better to start with safety early on than because you’ll only have headaches and stress if you do not settle this part immediately.


  1. Have a general idea of your design.

People sometimes don’t do prints of their proposed design and just use their imaginations to store the data about the renovation. This might be okay if you are renovating by yourself, but things are generally easier if there’s a solid plan that is prepared by a professional so that suppliers can give actual estimates for your renovation project. Any construction project is expensive, and having an actual measure and reference design can lessen unwanted expenses and purchases.


  1. Always consider utility access.

You want a ceiling that has fixed panels so you cover the entire ceiling to conceal all the frames and pipes; this is aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time makes maintenance operations harder. The basement can be transformed into a private space, but always keep in mind that it should also pave the way to easily access the utilities of the structure especially the pipes. Frames and pipes can be an eye sore, but there’s nothing a little paint and a right design concept can’t fix.


  1. Choose the best insulation.

There’s one factor on why the basement is generally used for storage: its cold temperature. Because of the constant moisture from the soil on the exterior walls, basements are a great place to store our supplies. If you are planning on transforming this space as an entertainment area, guest room, or anything that involves long term usage of space by a person, it’s best to have warm air inside than cold air. Do not settle for cheap insulation materials as these will only have a shorter lifespan and might not really be able to do the job. Instead of saving, you might actually have to spend more because it tends to deteriorate faster.


Do not be afraid to start the transformation of your basement, all it takes is research and the right people to help you. There’s a whole floor of space ready and waiting to be transformed into whatever you want it to be; utilize and maximize that space today.

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Home Improvements around the Home

Friday, January 30, 2015 at 12:15 am

Home improvements can be done inside and outside the home.  Some are made purely for aesthetic purposes whereas some are designed for convenience, storage, or security purposes.  Regardless of the reason on why you have home improvement stuff done on your home, what matters is they have a purpose and that you are happy about it.  Here are some basement home improvement projects you may want to consider having.

  1. Guest Room Platform – adding a platform area on the guest room provides you with vital storage space for your home. Since the bedroom will be rarely used, you can keep many of the stuff you want to hide inside the platform storage area. This gives the room a little bit of function when it is not being used.  The best part is that it is easily usable when a guest comes in as all your stuffs are neatly tucked away inside the platform.
  2. Hidden Room – you do not have to create a hidden room during construction to have a hidden room. Simply have a door fashioned into a bookshelf with matching frames and stuff so that it gives the illusion that it is a bookshelf. Although it only goes to a regular room, the fact that it is somewhat concealed helps to keep the room hidden from regular people.
  3. Private Balcony – as the owner of the home, you deserve to have your own spot. Having a personal balcony on the master bedroom provides you that spot you need when you want to relax and feel the open air. Since the balcony is accessible only from the master’s bedroom, it gives you the privacy and seclusion from other family members of the home.
  4. Deck Bar – if your home has a deck area, why not add some planks on the rails of the deck so that it serves as both bar and eating area as well. The plank can be decorated accordingly so that it matches the theme of the deck. Basically, the plank with act as a bar table for your deck area.
  5. Baseboard Storage – most baseboard on kitchen cabinets are not being utilized. Why not turn the baseboard into pullout cabinets so you can have more storage space in your kitchen area.

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DIY Home Improvement Projects For Your Kitchen

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 9:17 am

homeHome improvement is the best way to make things more useful in your home or more aesthetically pleasing.  There are some home improvement projects you can do on your own.  This helps you save time while at the same time allows you to achieve the improvement you have been thinking of.  While your work may not result with professional quality, as long as you put your time and effort into them, they are definitely worthy projects.

  1. The Kitchen Cabinets

As the kitchen gets older, the paint in the cabinets shows its age as they look worn and dull.  Your project is to repaint your kitchen cabinets to give them the newer and fresher look.  Try choosing colors that is different from the current color your kitchen cabinet has.  This will give your kitchen area a much newer look and appearance, especially if the color you choose is much brighter than the previous color tone.

  1. The Flooring

As a carpet gets old, vacuuming and cleaning is not enough.  Consider replacing your old carpet with a new one.  You can buy carpets from your local home depot.  Just make sure you get the dimensions of the carpet area you are replacing right.  Having a new carpet will definitely make the area look better and more inviting.

If you are no longer into carpets, consider replacing the old carpet with floor tiles.  Do not use vinyl as these are not as durable as floor tiles and also not as aesthetically pleasing.

  1. The Faucets

As the home gets older, so does the many fixtures, such as faucets, that have been installed along with it when it was new.  One way of making your home look more updated is replacing the old faucets with new and more modern ones.  This is actually a very simple home improvement idea that can help give your kitchen area a new look.

  1. The Countertop

If your kitchen did not come with a granite kitchen countertop, consider having the old one replaced with a granite countertop as this will definitely give your kitchen a pop on its aesthetic presence.

  1. Kitchen Appliances

If your home came with kitchen appliances from the 80s or older, then it is definitely time to update the equipment.  Even if they are still in functioning order, they may not work as good as new ones and also are not as energy efficient.  Replacing these appliances will definitely give your kitchen a much newer and modern look.

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Home Improvement – The Garden

Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 9:13 am

For some, the garden is easily the most relaxing place in their home.  This is the reason why it often pays to having a garden built where you can spend some of your free time to relax and breathe the fresh air that the plants release.  If your home has a garden area but do not want to spend a lot of money hiring landscape decorators in making it look adorable and inviting, the thing is, you can actually do some of the decorating yourself to help make it a relaxing area where you can spend some of your free time at home.

house-homeHere are some of the things you may want to consider adding to your garden to make it look more lovely and inviting:

  1. Garden Lights – add some garden lights to your home to make it look great during the night. Place some of the lights behind some plant ornaments to illuminate them. If you have a tree inside your garden area, place some small hanging lights atop the tree or place one spotlight at the bottom part to illuminate the tree from the ground up.  The garden light effects will help create a cozy and inviting garden during nighttime.
  2. Garden Ornaments – one way of increasing the design elements of your garden is through the use of garden ornaments. Buy some garden gnomes, bird feeder, bird bath, a fountain, or any garden ornament you think will help complement your garden and increase its aesthetic appearance. Make sure to distribute these ornaments around the garden strategically to give it a more scattered look.
  3. Sitting Area – add some sitting area around the garden like benches or some stylish wooden planks where you can sit when you are walking around the garden. Also, make sure to add a garden chair and table where you can lounge around and have coffee during weekends or a place to sit down with friends when they are around.
  4. Patio – a patio is a great compliment for any garden. If you have time to spare during weekends, consider this as part of your project during weekends. While you may find it very challenging accomplishing this project, it will be very much fulfilling in the end once you have completed it.  Basically, all the materials you need to complete this project are available at your local home depot center.  If you are not certain how to do it, there are always videos on the internet you can view for reference.

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